30m2 mixing space and a good sounding vocal booth offer comfortable conditions for customers to approve - or participate in - the audio or music work at hand.

Perfect space for dubs and mixing!


Different speaker options (Genelec, KRK) ensure a credible experience that lasts when you return with your mix, or experience it on a TV or in the cinema.


Fast internet ensures that exchange of files for production and authentication happens smoothly.


A given project price always includes at least one correction round, but in addition to advising and engaging in sparring with the customer, we obviously  first and foremost listen to the customer's wishes!



  • ProTools HDX with 16 in
  • extensive plugin collection.
  • Good sounding vocal / speak enclosure
  • Good mic collection
  • Good Preamps

A good voiceover must be warm and close-sounding, without glitches - and free of language errors...


KRABBE sound&music has over 25 years of experience with VO's in many languages, for TV and radio commercials, corporate videos and TV documentaries and shows.

Coaching, instruction and bug fixes will obviously secure that the final result becomes fluid and easy to understand with the right tone and emphasis


We would like to check the text in advance.


Scripting, proofreading and customization of the text is performed at the hourly rate.

If the speaker can not come to KRABBE's studio in Odense, we have cooperation with studios in Denmark and throughout Europe, always of the  highest quality.